54+ Sample Cleaning Service Proposal

What is a Cleaning Service Proposal?

A cleaning service proposal is a letter that is sent to clients with the desire to provide cleaning services for them. Companies usually hire a commercial cleaning service to clean their offices. It is sometimes more convenient than hiring an employee that will clean their place. They can find a lot of benefits in hiring a cleaning service company. Hiring a company can make their office have a sufficient number of cleaners that will clean it. Unlike when hiring an employee. You just can hire a janitor or two and the workforce is not enough to manage cleaning the office. So, a company hires cleaning services to make everything more convenient for them. All the cleaning service companies have to do is to send a cleaning service proposal and they can bid to the work of cleaning an office of a company. They have to present themselves the best for the service. It will be better if they will send a cleaning service proposal with a checklist. Through that, they can enumerate the cleaning services that they can give. The clients will know that they have a lot to offer. It can give them an ace against their competitors. But the cleaning service company has to remember, they should be able to provide a good cleaning service before they will send a proposal. The company that will hire them expects to get a professional cleaning service for their office. So, the cleaning service company should ensure that they will have skilled workers for the job and the best equipment to use in cleaning.

Benefits of a Cleaning Service

Maybe you are wondering what a cleaning service proposal letter is for? There are cleaning services proposal service samples or a cleaning service proposal example on the internet and you do not know what is their purpose. Well, it is time for you to read the following and know the benefits of cleaning service:

Employee Productivity: Research has proved that dirty air can decrease cognitive function. EPA reports that not only bad indoor air quality is risky for our health, but it is a reason for the loss of productivity. If this is true, we must ensure that our surroundings in the office should be clean. A clean office can make the employees work better. They can feel good while in the office and they will be happier to work in a clean workplace. Their productivity will not be hindered by a dirty surrounding that can also give them sickness and will cause them to be absent to work. So, if companies want to ensure productivity, they must make sure to make their offices clean.Lesser Chance of Sickness: A cleaning service will be a lot of help for the health of the employees. If the office will be cleaned regularly by skilled workers in cleaning, the office will be free from bacteria. There will be a lesser chance that employees will catch sicknesses. A dirty office can bring diseases to employees. If this will happen, they will be absent from work and it will not be good for the company. To ensure that the workplace is going on smoothly, the company must protect the health of the employees. They must hire a cleaning service that will clean the company.Safer Workplace: A commercial cleaning service makes sure that toxins are removed from the air. They do not use perfumed cleaning products that can cause a reaction to people. Clean and fresh air matters if you want a safe workplace for your employees. Your office must be free from pathogens. A cleaning service can provide duct cleaning that can do this. They have a state-of-the-art extraction system that removes mold, allergens, dirt, and bacteria. Through the advanced equipment of the cleaning service, you can ensure the safety of your workplace. You can be assured that you can be free from any diseases.Cost Savings: If your office will be stuck with dirt, there will be a possibility that things in your office will be broken easily. You may have to buy new equipment again. The walls and floors may be pestered by insects and they may have cracks. It will cost the company money to repair this thing. To save money, the company should invest in hiring a cleaning service so that it can take care of the condition of the office. Dirt can destroy the surroundings. Before the company knows it, they have to spend on something. To avoid unusual expenses, they need to make sure that the office will be cleaned well. They need a cleaning service for this.Professional Appearance: A cleaning service business plans will be very good for a business. Its office will have the professional appearance that it needs. The walls will be perfect, the tables will be shiny clean, everything will look great. Your office will be  just like anything that is seen in pictures that have a perfect appearance. Anyone who will be in the office will be amazed at how clean your office is. It is something that can give awe that will truly make anyone feel that everything in there is done professionally. You can even earn a good reputation for your company. People might say that your business is a company that has the best and cleanest professional office. It will be good for your office to hear those kinds of things. You can be proud of your office.Better Morale for Employees: If employees will work in an environment that looks professionally good, their morale can be boosted. They will be proud of the place where they work. They know that they are working in one of the best offices. They can consider every activity as important because they are working in a professional place. They will dress more appropriately because the place where they are working is clean. This will be great for the company because they will have the most professional workers. Employees will feel good always in the workplace and they might execute a better job always.Quality Cleaning: If you want quality cleaning for your office, you might as well hire a cleaning service company. They can give the quality cleaning that you need. They can do carpet cleaning, drapery cleaning, upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning, tile cleaning, and floor maintenance. All of these, they can give a high-quality cleaning with the use of the latest equipment. If you will hire employees to clean the office, they might lack the skills that you need. But through a cleaning service, you know that you will have skilled workers that will clean your place. You can be sure that they can deliver the best cleaning service that you are looking for.

Tips on Cleaning Service Proposal

Are you searching for an example of a cleaning service proposal or a free cleaning service proposal template? Are you looking for tips that you can use as you create a proposal? Well then, read the following and consider these tips in creating your proposal:

Show Commitment: You have to make the clients see that you are serious about doing the job. You have to show your commitment to the cleaning service that you will provide. Be punctual in submitting the proposal. It can mean your seriousness for the work. When you are going to make a walkthrough, be sure that you will go to their office or house on the agreed date. The clients have to know that you are someone that they can be trusted. You can also be respectful to them. You can also show commitment through this. It denotes that you are good to have business with.Know the Needs of the Clients: For you to present the best proposal to the clients, you must first know their needs. If you can provide a checklist in your proposal that can enumerate their needs, you will have a better chance that your proposal will be accepted. Know their needs first so that you can comply with all of them. You can better convince them if you know that you can provide for their needs. You can have the best presentation in your proposal. You can have a better description of your services. If you can offer all their needs, they will not be looking for other companies because they might be contented with your proposal. So, to earn good points for your proposal, be sure to acknowledge the needs of the clients.Focus on the Offered Services: Give focus on the services that you can give. You have to enhance your services. Be sure that you can give quality cleaning. Whether you will do office cleaning or house cleaning, you must ensure that your clients will be contented with your service. Hire the best workers for your company. Be sure that they can provide the best work. Train them thoroughly. Get the best equipment that you can use for cleaning. Study the industry of the cleaning service so that you can enhance your quality. Do not focus on pricing in the proposal. But be sure that you can offer the best cleaning service. Focus on things that matter more. And that is to provide the best service to clients.Best Introduction Letter: You have to give an introductory statement in your proposal. You can do this through an introduction letter that will tell why your business exists. You have to introduce your business to the clients in a way that they can see that your business is a good one. You have to earn your reputation in their eyes even in the proposal. This only means that you have to make the proposal great. With the introduction letter, you have to make the clients impressed with your business. You can tell your background and tell your reasons why you have chosen that business. Give a boost to your company through the letter. If you can give a good reason for your existence, the clients may think that you can be truly good at providing cleaning services.State What Makes You Better Than Your Competitors: There can be numerous cleaning service companies in the market. You have to think of ways on how you can advance against them. You have to show clients that you are better than them. You need to convince them that they should hire you rather than them. Cite in the proposal what makes you ahead of your competitors. You may not directly mention them but you have to make the clients believe that your service is different from theirs. That your service is a lot better. Enumerate points that can set you apart from your competitors. You can also show yourself better if you can present the best service that you can provide. Use any ways that can lift your image against your competitors. Remember you have to be ahead of them and get the approval of clients. So you have to stand out against them.

How to Write a Cleaning Service Proposal

Whether you will be creating a commercial cleaning service proposal or a House Cleaning Service Proposal, you need to follow some steps so that you can create it diligently. Consider the following steps and apply them as you create a proposal:

  • Step 1: Problem Statement

    The first thing that you need to do is to present the problem that your company can address. Make a Problem Statement showing that your company can provide solutions to this problem. This can also enumerate the services that you can give. Make a bulleted list that can show the problems that your cleaning service can solve. The clients have to know that they can have a lot of benefits from your cleaning service. You can use a PowerPoint presentation in presenting to have a visual appeal for your problem statement. This will make your proposed idea to be effective.

  • Step 2: Offer Solutions

    Next is you have to enumerate the solutions that you can give for the problems. Showcase the skills of your company by showing them the PowerPoint presentation also. You can show a video of your staff cleaning. Make the clients convince that your company is what they are looking for. You can provide their cleaning needs and you can give them the best service that will make them contented. Your company can give a high-quality cleaning that they cannot find with your competitors. Be sure to offer the best solutions to the problems so that the clients will be encouraged with your service.

  • Step 3: Cleaning Schedule

    Now, you have to provide a Cleaning Schedule for your service. You need to give a timeframe. You can offer to clean the house or office daily or weekly. Cite for how many hours will you provide your services. State how many staff will do the work. Through this, the clients will have the perfect idea of what to expect from you. Just remember that your cleaning schedule should coincide with the working schedule of a company. Or will fit the house activities of a house that you will clean.

  • Step 4: Set a Budget

    The next thing is the budget. You have to make a Budget Plan so that you will know how to price your services. In making a budget plan, you must consider all the costs that you will spend for you to provide the services. You have to be sure that you can get profit afterward. Also, consider your competitors in making a budget plan. Your pricing must depend on how you can get ahead of your competitors.


How Much is a Cleaning Service?

Cleaning service for a house costs $0.10 per square foot. If you have a 1000 square feet house, it can cost you $100. Most companies pay $20 – $80 per hour for their office to be cleaned. It depends on the cleaning frequency and the size of the office. Usually, they pay around $30 – $50 per hour.

Is a Cleaning Service Proposal Necessary?

Yes, it is necessary. Sometimes, the company has to bid for the cleaning work. In times like this, a proposal is a must.

Through a cleaning service proposal, cleaning service companies can get clients. They can enter a bid and sometimes they can gain clients just by sending a proposal. It can be a wondrous business that can be possible by the use of proposals. Well, do you need a template for cleaning service proposal? You do not have to look further. This post has 42+ SAMPLE Cleaning Service Proposal in PDF | MS Word. Download now!