What Is a Business Proposal?

Anytime you want to persuade a prospective client to buy your product or service, submitting a written offer helps strengthen your pitch for the proposed project. But writing a proposal can be challenging for anyone new to the game—and it’s easy to fall behind your competitors when you aren’t doing enough to impress your audience.

Types of Proposals

Before you begin planning your proposal strategy, it’s important to determine what kind of proposal you’re making. Each type of proposal focuses on specific components that are pertinent to the needs of a potential client. The basic types of proposals are as follows:

Solicited: These are proposals submitted in response to a request for Proposal (RFP) or request for quotations (RFQ). Solicited proposals typically follow a specific format and content to meet project guidelines.

Unsolicited: If a prospect did not request for a proposal, the submitted document becomes an unsolicited one. But these proposals still offer great value to clients who happen to possess a keen interest in your field of expertise.

Pre-Proposal: This type of proposal spares applicants from the effort of preparing a lengthy document. It often comes in the form of a letter of intent or an executive summary, depending on what’s applicable.

Renewal & Continuation: To ask for continued funding for a project you are working on, these proposals are essential to avoid termination or to increase the sponsorship amount from the initial period.

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No matter what industry you are in, you’ll find proposal writing to be a crucial step in building business relationships with clients and investors. Thus, you need to make sure that your proposal is of the best quality for it to leave a lasting impact on your target readers. Feel free to browse through our wide selection of ready-made documents and industry-approved marketing samples for reference.