What Is a Movie?

As a significant part of the film industry, movies are motion pictures that revolve around fictional stories or real-life events. But what we see in the movie theaters are only a simplified product of what happens off-screen. Producing a movie takes time, money, energy, and the right combination of determination and skill, so you can only imagine the number of resources needed to bring a vision to life.

Types of Movies

Bought a movie ticket to a newly released film? Learn more about the different movie genres filling the small and big screens through the items below:

Action/Adventure: Fight scenes, car chases, and slow-motion shots are a staple piece of any action or adventure movie. With this, you can expect a screenplay with lots of fighting and good-meets-evil moments.

Comedy: These movies revolve around subjects who find themselves in humorous situations that viewers can relate to. It aims to tickle a viewer’s funny bone, while also providing audiences important lessons to learn from.

Drama: These are plot-driven stories that relate to everyday conflicts that the average person faces.

Horror: Horror screenplays will have you sleeping under a blanket with the lights on for days. Fans of these types of films love the adrenaline rush that these movies have to offer.

Romance: As everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure, romance movies have cliché storyboards often paired with comedy and ram. The whole idea of two characters falling in and out of love and back again is something that viewers of any age can enjoy.

Science Fiction: Stories that give us an imaginative take into the near or distant future are always enjoyable. But with the heavy use of green screens and motion graphics, sci-fi movies require a hefty film budget, effective marketing, and an intense production period to complete.

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