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What Is Of Mice and Men?

Of Mice and Men is a classic novel by John Steinbeck. It was written in 1937. This is a story of two workers during the time of the Great Depression. Set in ranches where they get their living, it depicts their struggles toward their dreams. The book can be an analysis of the American Dream. It shows the meaning of what it is to have a title. It pictures how we can have less control over our existence. The Of Mice and Men book is a combination of the strengths and weaknesses of its characters. The Of Mice and Men characters all have unique traits that can amaze everyone.

Later in 1992, the Of Mice and Men movie was launched. The Of Mice and Men cast has made every character brought to life well. It can be great to read the Of Mice and Men pages. But it is even greater to watch the Of Mice and Men full movie. Just reading Of Mice and Men text will not be enough for you to have the best experience with the book. Though, the Of Mice and Men quotes will surely give you the best advice that you can get. Come read this whole article for you to have a better understanding of the Of Mice and Men meaning.

Characters of Of Mice and Men

The Of Mice and Men movie cast can surely make every character memorable to you. This is if you have watched the movie before reading the book. But in any case, there is no reason for you to not remember the Of Mice and Men characters. All of them are amazing characters that you should come to know. The following are the characters of the OF Mice and Men:

Lennie Small: Lennie is a handicapped but strong worker. He always asks his friend George for advice. There can be many times that George protected him. He loves to pet soft animals. He wants to have his own farm and have the greatest farm agreements someday. The character of Lennie is the opposite of the character of George. He has a “shapeless” feature. He is as strong as a bear but he always acted like a dog. His character can be compared to a child. He is loyal to his friend, George. The truth is he is devoted to George. He is obedient to George’s orders. It can be odd that Lennie loves to pet soft things. He pets dead mice and it makes him feel safe. He knows that what he is doing is not right. But he sees no wrong in what he is doing. And George tells him that he can pet rabbits when they have a chance to have a farm. Lennie may be strong but he lacks intelligence. He can be a dangerous man and George always saves him from trouble. George looks after Lennie and is even the one who decides for him. George and Lennie are happy living on the farm and feel safe. Though Lennie has a short memory, he knows the memory of their friendship by heart.George Milton: George is small but has good features. He is a farm worker who protects Lennie. He also dreams of having his own farm someday. But he is wise enough to know that this dream is very hard to come true. He advises Lennie and has the responsibility to watch over him, until his death. Critics say that George represents a fallen man who wants to go back to Eden. This is because he avoids the fate of having a relationship with Lennie. In the end, George’s destiny is to be alone. Though George gets angry, he is understanding. He knows how to consider the ways they can reach their goal. He knows how to deal with complications. He has good advice on how he and Lennie will have a better future. He is rational and can get angry with Lennie sometimes because he cannot control his actions. But he knows that Lennie is innocent and he sometimes does not know how to react to some matters. George and Lennie have a different relationship from other guys. They have a special bond. George can be a loner without Lennie. Though he gets angry at Lennie, he is very compassionate to his friend. They usually have the best-laid plans of mice and men.Curley: Curley is the son of the farm owner. He is mean and always picks a fight with Lennie. He is very jealous of his wife, he does not want anyone to talk with her. Whether it is about farm management, he does not want anyone to come near his wife. He developed a huge enmity with Lennie. He is an evil character in the Of Mice and Men story. He is a thin man with a brown complexion. As an amateur in boxing, he does not mind picking fights with others. This is how he proves his masculinity. His wife is attractive and he proves himself because of that. He does not want anyone to call his wife by name but he just prefers to call her “Curley’s wife”. Her wife is isolated from anyone. No one should dare talk to her. He shows off when caressing his wife. You can say that he is mean to his wife. If anyone will talk to his wife, he will surely beat this man.Curley’s Wife: Curley’s wife has given no name in the story. She is a total possession of Curley. It can be her daily schedule to provoke the farm workers to talk with her. This gets Curley angry and causes him to beat up the workers. George considers her a “tart”. Lennie, though, admired her looks. She is a tease who had the wrong decision to be married immediately and later found out that her husband will just neglect her. Curley’s wife is the only woman in the story.Slim: Slim is the leader of the farm workers. Everyone respects him. He is George’s ally. Despite his work schedule, he helps George in protecting Lennie. He is compassionate and has good insight. At the end of the novel, he understands George’s decision. Slim is a person of dignity. As a master craftsman, he can be the prince of the ranch.Candy: Candy is an old worker who lost his arm in an accident on the farm. He is called “the swamper”. He urges George to continue the dream of having a farm. Candy always discusses social discrimination. He is a representation of old men in American society. It has been said that old men at work are let go and used up.Crooks: Crooks is a black worker who tends horses. Crooks represents racial injustice. He is always isolated in any work order because of his color. His name is from the crooked back horse. He is the only black man on the farm. He is a symbol of discrimination.

What to Expect from the Book Of Mice and Men

Every book is valuable, they have their lessons to tell. But aside from that, every book has different interpretations depending on the person who reads it. Now, we can show you some of the representations of the book Of Mice and Men.

1. A Book About Homosexuality

George has a very rare relationship with Lennie. Though it is not discussed in the book, some say that George is gay. This is also because Curley’s wife has no effect on him. He has an extraordinary closeness with Lennie that makes it possible that he is a homosexual.

2. A Depiction of Marxist Theory

Other people say that the characters depict the Marxist theory. The ranch can be a socialist utopia for the farm workers. Capitalism in the American economic system can be seen in the story. The fact that the plot happened during the Great Depression makes it a sample history.

3. A True Story

Many believe that the story of Of Mice and Men is a true story. The scenes are realistic and the story represents the true discrimination that can be happening to farm workers. The fact that the characters dream of having their own farm depicts the truth about human aspirations.

4. A Freudian Hot Flash

Some see the story as a Freudian exploration of suppressed sexuality. This is because there is a lot of sex in the story. Scenes may need psychoanalysis.


What are some of the quotes in the Of Mice and Men story?

Some of the quotes in the Of Mice and Men story are “Trouble with mice is you always kill ’em.”, “Maybe ever’body in the whole damn world is scared of each other.”, “Guys like us got nothing to look ahead to.”, and “You never oughta drink water when it ain’t runnin’.”

Of Mice and Men is a book where children can learn about culture and time. They will know how to treat a human being with compassion.

Of Mice and Men may not be the best book to read. But anyone can get a good lesson by reading this book. You can learn a lot of things so that you will not discriminate against others. This is something that everyone should learn so that we can treat every person with respect. What a good world it would be if we treat everyone fairly.